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Transforming Healthcare Marketing with the Power of AI

We are data-driven healthcare marketers who work with premier healthcare clinics to increase revenue and generate patient appointments.

Medical Practice Marketing is All We Do.

You work hard to run your practice, and we think you deserve one that is more profitable, more efficient, and more stable. 

Harness the Power of AI for Smarter Marketing Solutions

Unlock the potential of your healthcare marketing with JOrdiax. Our AI-driven, data-powered strategies deliver agency-level quality at a fraction of the cost. Experience faster, more efficient marketing that resonates with your audience. Let JOrdiax transform your marketing approach, ensuring superior results and maximum ROI for your healthcare brand


We Build Efficient, AI-Driven Patient Acquisition & Retention Systems That Will 3X Your Clinic's Growth Within 90 Days

Results to be achieved through this 90-day program:

  • Attract at least 50-100 new Patients.

  • Achieve a 20-30% increase in website traffic.

  • Attain a 10-15% conversion rate from leads to patients.

  • Collect 50+ new positive reviews on Google.

  • Secure 3-5 influencer partnerships ( optional ) 

  • Generate 100+ patient referrals.

  • Increase social media followers by 30-50%.

  • Host 2-3 successful workshops/seminars.

  • Improve local SEO ranking to top 3 positions.

  • Achieve a 25% increase in overall clinic revenue.

  • Building a Strong Personal Brand Strategy for Doctors 


Medical Spa

Fertility Centres

Medical Practices

Addiction Treatment Centers

Pain Management Clinics

Orthodontic Practices

Why Jordiax For Your Medical Marketing Needs

Driving New  Patients

Choose Jordiax as your healthcare marketing partner for expert strategies that consistently drive new patients to your medical practice, ensuring sustainable growth.

Result Based Pricing 

Jordiax offers result-based pricing, ensuring we're incentivized to deliver outcomes. You only pay when we achieve measurable results for your medical practice.

Data Driven Marketing

Jordiax uses data-driven strategies, analyzing patient demographics to craft targeted healthcare marketing, ensuring optimal engagement and success.

Trusted Medical Healthcare Partner

With our unwavering commitment and extensive experience, we're dedicated to driving success for your practice.

Custom Marketing Strategies

Jordiax crafts custom marketing strategies tailored to your medical practice's unique needs, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.

5+ years proven experience

5+ years of proven experience in healthcare marketing, providing a solid foundation for success in promoting your medical practice

Ready to Grow Your Practice?

Speak with one of our experienced medical practice marketers to see how we can help you meet (and even exceed) your growth goals.


More Qualified Consultations


More New Patients 


Increased Revenue 


We guarantee you will make more money than what you pay us. If not, we work for free till you do.
Simple as that
Measurable Growth is 3 Steps Away

Evaluate Your Practice

We want to hear about your past challenges, your current processes, and your future plans. Discuss every aspect of your business and set goals with a marketing expert (that’s us).

Establish Your 90-Day Plan
Work with us to plan out the next quarter of marketing initiatives and gain new branding, messaging, and digital strategies to generate patient leads with AI-powered automation

Implement & Grow the Practice
As your digital presence improves and your internal processes streamline, you’ll experience the GROWTH your expertise deserves — without wasted resources of time or money.

Get a FREE Marketing Audit for your clinic!

We'll evaluate your current strategies and provide a tailored system to boost your online presence and attract more patients.

A partner for growth, not just a medical marketing agency.

Do you struggle to acquire new patients?

  • Are you too reliant on referrals to gain new patients?

  • Do you feel like you’re wasting money on marketing?

  • Is it time to design a new website that works?

  • Are you struggling to fill up your schedule?

  • Do you know how new patients find you?

  • Is your staff on the same page when it comes to patient communication?

Working with Jordiax has been a game-changer for our marketing practice. Their AI-powered marketing solutions not only saved us significant costs but also enhanced our patient base remarkably

Dr Sandip 

Jordiax lets me focus on running my clinic without worrying about how to attract new patients to my clinic consistently . Highly recommend their transformative services

Dr Mamta D

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